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    The First Governor and Vice Governor Candidate Pair Debate, Attached Elements of Entertainment


    BANDUNG - The first debate of the candidate pair of Governor and Vice Governor of West Java in Sabuga late Monday (12/3), sticking with the element of entertainment.

    In addition to the candidate pair debate, the support team will showcase the art performance, so that the forehead does not need to shrink and the public can receive the event with joy. This was conveyed by Chairman of West Java KPU, Yayat Hidayat, when interviewed by reporters around the preparation of candidate debate event at Sabuga Building yard, Monday morning (12/3).

    According to Yayat, the substance of the debate is exploring the incident of paslon to build West Java, which is packed in a different atmosphere and unlike the 2013 Governor's candidate pair debate last. While the themes raised are legal, economic, political, and government.

    Related questions for the paslon, Yayat mention the material compiled 18 experts and professors from various universities in West Java. "The paslon looks enthusiastic about this event," he said. (Even)

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