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    West Java Donates 186.822 Units of One Million House Program


    BANDUNG- West Java Provincial Government will seek to encourage developers and financial institutions to continue to implement the construction of subsidized housing in the region of West Java.

    West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa said the government has launched a program of one million houses proclaimed by the president on April 29, 2015 and then as part of the nawacita. "It certainly should be our concern all while maintaining the concept of spatial that has been mutually agreed upon," he said after Coordination Meeting of Mapping Needs Subsidized House 2018 West Java in Aryaduta, Bandung, Monday (12/3/2018).

    According to him, based on existing data until the beginning of December 2017, the achievement of the program of one million new homes reached 765,120 units at the national level. The achievement is dominated by the construction of houses for Low-Income Communities (MBR) of 70 percent and non-MBR houses built by 30 percent.

    In the achievement of these targets, about 20 percent of houses built by the government, both central and regional form of Rusunawa, Special Houses, Self-Help House and Stimulant Infrastructure and Utility Support (PSU).

    Meanwhile, another 30 percent is built by subsidized housing developers who get Housing Loan Housing Liquidity Financing (FLPP), Subsidized Interest (SSB) and Advance Fee Subsidy (SBUM). The rest is fulfilled through the construction of non-subsidized homes by developers.

    The achievement of the program of one million houses in West Java Province alone reached 186,822 units with financing scheme consisting of FLPP of 3,381 units, SSB of 59,628 units and SBUM of 50804 units. "It is undeniable that the acceleration of the construction of one ma house is strongly influenced by the gait of developers and financial institutions engaged in property," he said.

    According to him, especially for low-income people, the biggest challenge in the implementation of the one million housing program is the availability of land, the implementation of balanced residential development and the acceleration of housing development permit that has not been applied evenly in the districts.

    "As one step to overcome the availability of land in line with the direction of national policy, I hope that the concept of land bank in West Java can be realized," he said. (Even)

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