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    Provincial Government Continues to Support Housing for Low-Income Communities


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), supports property development in West Java, especially housing for Low Income Communities (MBR).

    "I agree that businessmen entrepreneurs who work on property or housing, both housing for the general public and housing for low-income," said Governor Aher, at the Inauguration of DPW Perwiranusa (Association of National People's Entrepreneurs) at Savoy Homann Hotel Jl. Asia Afrika Bandung, Saturday (11/03/2017).

    Aher said, home ownership for low-income communities (MBR), should be especially noted. Because with the help, sides, or subsidies, it will make it easier for them to have a dwelling.

    At the same time, Aher invites young people, especially those who already have income to immediately plan for home ownership.

    "Homes become an important part, the main thing in life, then the young generation who start earning, immediately menyadangkan income for the house," said Aher.

    As for decent occupancy according to Aher, for MBR, should be designed not too fancy, and not too simple. In the sense that the building is made properly, and consider the psychological aspects of the family.

    "For example there are three rooms in the house, one for parents, one for girls, one for boys, well this is ideal," he said.

    Meanwhile, the issue of difficulties of property business actors in the licensing of housing in some areas. This is often a problem that until now is still emerging.

    Whereas according to Aher, it seriously gives ease of service of housing permit. In fact, he said, in 2017, West Java Province has received the Award from the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) as Local Government which provides ease of housing licensing services, especially for low income people.

    "West Java Provincial Government is considered to have succeeded in simplifying the licensing procedure of housing Permit that was originally completed within 14 working days can now be shortened to 1-3 working days only," said Aher.

    In order to facilitate this affordable housing, the people need to be pro-active in a joint movement between the Central Government, the Region and the developers, to provide decent housing, especially for the Low Income Community (MBR).

    Based on data from the Directorate General of Housing Financing of the Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing (Ministry of PUPR), based on data obtained in 2015-2016, for Housing Ownership Housing Financing Facility (KPR Sejahera FLPP), West Java Province is recorded as the largest supplier of home subsidies , ie 87,091 Units.

    Chairman of DPW Perwiranusa West Java Province, Yan Permana, called building a house for the community with the support of FLPP, is a pride and honor as a child of the nation.

    Thus building a professional, credible, focused, and consistent housing becomes a pillar in building the welfare of society.

    "We are trying to serve the people who need property in accordance with the existing potential and capacity," he said.

    Yan also said that his side will contribute pro-actively in accelerating the national backlog housing program by supporting government programs and policies to engage contextually, proportionally and appropriately in achieving decent, healthy, safe and affordable housing for the sake of improving the welfare of MBR .

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