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    Target 5000 Houses Year 2018


    BANDUNG - Association of Entrepreneurs Rumah Rakyat Nusantara (Perwiranusa) West Java is targeted to build 5000 public houses or cheap houses in 2018. Katwon DPW Perwiranusa Yan Permana claimed to be able to meet that target.

    "Insya Alloh, although in a general state that is sluggish, but we will do everything possible to achieve that target" Yan said.

    According to Yan, the housing developers who are members of Perwiranusa organization are currently being encouraged to build quality cheap houses.

    "It may not fit five thousand, but the most important thing for us is the provision of cheap quality homes, if there are developers who are mischievous with spek manipulation, then the loss he himself" he said.

    About the quality of it became one of the emphasis for Perwiranusa so far, so not only because it makes a lot of homes, but perfunctory.

    "We emphasize building houses with hearts, assuming that the house is for itself, as the first house" he explained.

    Perwiranusa itself is a housing developer group that focuses on the construction of cheap subsidized housing. (Even)

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