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    Only Women Can Understand Women


    BANDUNG - Women must progress, excel, and be active in various areas of life. One of them plunged into politics, both being a legislator and a member of the DPD in the 2019 election. This is important, because only women can understand women's issues.
    Similarly, among others stated Commissioner of West Java KPU, Nina Yuningsih when delivering the dissemination of election of West Java Regional Elections 2018 which was held in cooperation KPU with Leadership Fatayat NU West Java on Jl. Canal Galunggung Bandung, Saturday (10/3).

    According to Nina, the Fatayat NU family is lucky enough to have initial capital as activists and networks down to the village and village levels. "It's an important capital, the elektabilitas, the popularity, and the finances will adjust," he said.

    Moreover, the role of women in public offices is still inadequate. For example, says Nina, the mothers who head the village or lurah in West Java are only 14 percent. Similarly, members of Parliament Jabar only 22 percent.

    Therefore, women should appear more in public spaces, or at least exercise the right to vote properly.

    "Be smart female voters by identifying candidates, researching prospective leaders, especially with regard to women's alignments, tracking their track record, and choosing one that is considered the best," he said.

    Previously Chairman of Fatayat NU West Java Yayah Fijriyah explains this activity was attended by leaders of Fatayat NU Branch as West Java.

    In addition to Nina Yuningsih, the other pameteri featured were Chairman of PWNU West Java, KH. Hasan Nuri Hidayatullah. (Even)

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