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    71 Types of Drug Have Been Circulating in Society


    BANDUNG, Head of BNN Center of Inspector General of Pol Heru Winarko said the circulation of drugs is threatening the life of the nation. The reason, 71 types of drugs have been circulating in Indonesia.

    To that end, he appealed especially to housewives to always keep an eye on the behavior of their sons and daughters. In addition, they also must know the types of drugs circulating in the community to avoid the danger of drugs

    "Types of drugs circulating in Indonesia today there are as many as 71 types, we are all specially the mothers can know the types of drugs and invite their children at home so do not try to consume drugs," said Heru told reporters in Bandung , Saturday (10/3/2018)

    Heru mentions drug abuse users have entered into various circles of society. Starting from public officials, artists, ordinary people even to children. therefore, the government appealed and invited all Indonesian people to commit and declare War on Drugs.

    "We continue to urge the community to continue to pay attention to the development of their children, if found behavior change behavior, do not be allowed, because who knows children have been affected by drugs," explained Heru

    BNN continues to coordinate and cooperate with all government agencies and private, community communities including Artist organizations, so that the development of drugs can be prevented and jointly able to crush the drug circulation in Indonesia.

    In addition to providing socialization to all levels of society by providing various materials related to the dangers of drugs. He admitted some anti-drug education materials have been made by BNN, ranging from the level of early childhood to college students.

    "We have also given anti-narcotics materials to the leaders of all religions and community leaders, including the whole community, especially for the big families of TNI and Polri," he concluded

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