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    Head of Bandung City Police Confirms Orang Utan Persecution Is Sanctioned Lightly


    Bandung, - Kapolredtabes Bandung AKBP, Hendro Pandowo said the perpetrators of the persecution of viral orangutans in social media (medsos) are subject to minor criminal offenses.

    Suspect Deni Junaedi (27 yrs) resident of Gempol Sari Street Bandung has violated Article 302 of the Criminal Code, Threat of imprisonment for three months or a fine of up to Rp4,500.

    "The suspect has apologized and was subjected to a minor criminal offense," Hendro told reporters in Bandung on Friday (9/3/2018)

    Hendro explained earlier the suspect on Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 09.00 am, with his wife and children visited the zoo.

    While at the Orang Utan Sanctuary the suspect saw the Orangutan named Ozone smoking, then out of pity the suspect lit another cigarette of Dji sam soe and threw the cigarette into the cage of Ozone.

    "The perpetrator's mode of deliberately throwing cigarettes into orangutans, then by the animals taken and sucked several times.We have pocketed evidence in the form of video," said Hendro

    However, on March 8, 2018, Deni Junaedi learned his video was viral due to his actions, he came to the zoo to apologize, then by the management of the zoo was taken to Satreskrim Polrestabes Bandung to be legally accountable.

    "The suspect has apologized to the manager of the zoo Bandung," he concluded

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