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    Aher: A House At Least Has 3 Rooms


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) mentions in one house at least has 3 rooms. This was expressed by Aher in the inauguration speech of the House of Nusantara People's Association (Perwiranusa) West Java, in Bandung, Saturday (11/3/2018).

    "This is the guidance of the Prophet, where at least in one house there are three rooms, for husband and wife, boys and girls, not to be mixed" he said.

    Separation of the bedroom was in fact formed a human character, where from the beginning there was a separation between men and women from home.

    "Indirectly their character is formed that there is no mix between men and women, respect for parents and others" Aher light.

    Aher advised developers who joined in Perwiranisa to pay attention to it if you want to participate build nation karaker.

    "So from now on please pay attention to it.This seems trivial, but the impact is quite awesome because the business is character" he explained.

    Aher also expects Perwiranusa to pay attention to the quality even though the built is cheap house. (Even)

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