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    Jabar Caang, Won MURI Award


    GARUT-Jabar Caang Program initiated by the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) received appreciation from the Museum Rekor Indonesia (MURI). Aher assessed managed to run electricity house can not afford more than 300 thousand homes since 2008. For 10 years West Java considered managed to flow the most home electricity. Submission of MURI charter was done on the sidelines of the inauguration of the program in 2019 Caabar Caucasian Village Sukalilah District Sukaresmi Garut regency, Wednesday (7/3/2018).

    "Yes, thank God alhamdulillah if our efforts there are appreciate, but my intention from the beginning of this program is not with the purpose of getting the award especially from MURI," said Aher after receiving MURI charter.

    According to the Jabar Caang program which rolled since 2008 was purely as an effort to illuminate the West Jabar people who are not able to install electricity.

    "The electricity has not been installed first because it is so remote that there are difficulties for PLN to install the network there, or because the people are not able to install electricity, so we will help with PLN," said Aher.

    Since the Jabar Caang  program rolled 2008 ago, until now the electrification ratio has reached 99.87% Jabar.

    "Insya Alloh the remaining 0.13 percent left to live again we finish no later than early 2019," he said. (Even)

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