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    The Governor Reports the Annual Tax Return


    BANDUNG -Jabar Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) reports and fills out an annual personal tax report form. Reporting is done in Pakuan State Building, official house of West Java Governor, Thursday (8/3/2018).

    Aher's annual tax reporting is done online using Tablet gadget, witnessed by Kakanwil Directorate General of Tax (DJP) Jabar 1 Yoyok Setiotomo.

    "It's easier, SPT pelopran through online, so while relaxing at home can pay taxes," said Aher.

    Without mentioning or revealing his tax nominal, Aher only clicks on apps on the tablet a few times, then the obligation to report and pay the tax is completed in minutes.

    "Not five minutes, I have done my duty as a taxpayer Alhamdulillah with the use of technology, everything is made easy now," he said.

    Aher expects other taxpayers to do the same, both individuals and bodies.

    "There is no reason now to pay hard taxes, so immediately report the SPT and then immediately pay taxes easily," said Aher.

    Meanwhile, according to Kakanwil Pajak Jabar 1 Yoyok Setiotomo, the tax reporting deadline' is March 31 of each year. (Even)

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