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    Aher Encourages West Java Residents To Report Annual Income Tax Return


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) encourages citizens of West Java to comply with tax reporting. Currently, West Java tax compliance rate is still at 62 percent in 2017. This is revealed when he was reporting the Annual Income Tax Return (SPT) of personal income through electronic tax reporting system or e-filing in Pakuan Building, Otto Iskandardinata Street No. 1, Bandung, Thursday morning (8/3/18).

    Accompanied by West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa and Head of Regional Office of West Java I Directorate General of Taxation Yoyok Satiotomo, Aher reported the SPT through electronic device or tablet tool. For that, on this occasion Aher invites to all WP in West Java to obey in paying and reporting SPT Taxes, both for individuals and agencies.

    According to Aher, the procedure of reporting and paying taxes today is very easy and cheap because it can be done via e-Filing, so it can be done anytime and anywhere.

    "Citizens' awareness is enhanced, that they (WP) are obliged to pay taxes, and the taxes turn out to be an important part of our nation's development," Aher said.

    "Therefore, I on behalf of West Java Provincial Government invites, appealed to all Taxpayers in West Java, whether individuals or agencies to pay taxes Because our development is done one of them by using the budget of taxes paid by citizens, "he continued.

    "So paying taxes is the same as securing this country, just like building this country, just as guaranteeing the country for future generations is the tax benefit," Aher said.

    For the reporting of individual tax returns is not later than March 31, 2018. As for the agency on April 31, 2018.

    Meanwhile, Head of Regional Office of West Java I Directorate General of Tax Yoyok Satiotomo revealed that the level of compliance of the people of West Java to tax in 2017 reached 62% or increased from 53.77% (2016). WP Mandatory SPT in West Java as much as 2.6 million WP.

    "There is still obedience, they (WP) there are deliberate avoidance, some do not know, there is also a understatement of taxes to be paid," said Yoyok.

    In 2017, WP Registered in West Java as many as 6.973.185 WP and the Mandatory SPT of 3,093,124 WP. While WP reporting as many as 1,092,712 WP (62%), as well as WP who make payment of 241,287 WP (3%).

    While in 2016, WP Registered in West Java as much as 6,077,349 WP, Mandatory SPT of 3.713.935 WP (59%), WP Report of 1.996.971 WP (53.77%), and WP Bayar of 223,992 WP (4% ).

    Efforts made by West Java Regional Office 1 Directorate General of Taxation to improve tax compliance so far, namely socialization to WP especially for business entities. "I have traveled to West Java Region I to arouse awareness of entrepreneurs primarily, but most people are also private," continued Yoyok.

    The target set by the Regional Office of West Java 1 Directorate General of Taxation in 2018 is for filling SPT at least 75% of the amount of WP SPT. "We expect to increase, because the tax is the backbone of this West Java province," said Yoyok.

    Awareness of West Java Provincial APBD budgets in 2017, revenue of Rp 30.5 trillion, while incoming PAD Rp 16.5 trillion, so the remaining income comes from taxes or about Rp 13.9 trillion in the form of Balancing Fund.

    "Our role (tax) is very important, very dominant, and if we join the districts / cities (in West Java), it (income) is much more dominant us.Continue the combined revenue 2017 (district / city) Rp 108 Trillion, 35 trillion more, Balancing Fund is Rp 60 trillion more, "said Yoyok.

    "So, help the public also keep an eye on the shopping, if we (supervision) of the income.Well, what's shopping for what.For example, in districts / cities more for salaries, well there is a problem.It should be as much as possible for the development of the area," he concluded.

    Yoyok added, for WP who do not pay taxes will be sanctioned. Sanctions may include summons for examination, until investigation if there is criminal indication.

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