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    Enjoy Movies with Telkomsel Digital Version


    BANDUNG-Consistent in supporting the progress of national cinema, Telkomsel through brand simPATI again presents digital content-based services, this time will add to the loyalty of Telkomsel's loyal customers in enjoying the newly released Benyamin Biang Kerok film.

    General Manager of Digital Product Area Expansion Jabotabek Jabar Telkomsel Kurnia Hadhi said through UMB * 500 * 86 #, simPATI customers can enjoy digital content service packages about the film, ranging from unique photos and video of the movie players to exclusive wallpaper themed film Benyamin Kerok.

    "In this era of rapidly growing digital-based convergence service, Telkomsel once again held a digital value-added service based on UMB * 500 * 86 # digital content that presents various digital content related to Benyamin Biang Kerok film which is expected to provide added value for Telkomsel subscribers to enjoy the film as well as encouraging people's interest in supporting the development of national film, "said Hadhi, Thursday (8/3/2018).

    In the moment to introduce the variety of digital content presented through UMB * 500 * 86 # service, Telkomsel also adds excitement to customers who have activated the service by inviting a number of lucky customers to get the opportunity to watch the movie together with Benjamin Kerok and Meet & Greet with the players such as actor Reza Rahardian and actress Delia Husein.

    For the operational area of ??Telkomsel Area Jabotabek and West Java itself, watching and gathering together with film player Benyamin Biang Kerok was held in three cities, among others Karawang (Mal Karawang, March 3, 2018), Tangerang (Mall Teras Kota, March 6 2018), and Bandung (Paris Van Java Mall, March 7, 2018).

    Hadhi added that in all three cities, Telkomsel will invite 150 simPATI customers who have enabled UMB digital content content * 500 * 86 # to enjoy the opportunity to watch together and meet directly the players of Benyamin Biang Kerok.

    This activity is also presented as a form of Telkomsel's appreciation for customers who have utilized Telkomsel's range of digital services to complement their life style.

    He hopes that watching and gathering together with the film Benjamin Kerok can provide a different experience for customers who have accessed the UMB digital content service * 500 * 86 #.

    "We will strive to deliver the best service quality that will also support the excitement of Indonesian people's lifestyle," he concluded. (MAT)

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