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    Natural Disasters Throughout January-February are Enough High


    BANDUNG-Throughout January to February, the Volcanology Center for Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) at the Geological Agency of the ESDM Ministry recorded hundreds of human victims and thousands of property lost and damaged by natural disasters.

    Head of Geological Agency Rudy Suhendar said there are three natural events that cause the most victims, namely volcano eruption, earthquake, and land movement or landslide. However, most casualties were caused by landslides.

    Geological Agency noted the earthquake disaster reached 434 events which has caused damage to the building as many as 2858 pieces. Then the volcano eruption disaster, from 69 volcanoes observed, there are four that are currently still eruption of Mount Agung in Bali and Mount Sinabung. This disaster caused 56,207 people to flee their homes.

    "Landslide the most casualties, during January to February casualties recorded reached 54 people. While about 4,500 evacuate, "he explained.

    Landslide was recorded there are 252 events, while in West Java region there are recorded 84 points of landslide events.

    He said the Geological Agency has conducted emergency response activities against disaster sites to conduct disaster checks and mitigation so that the impact is not widespread.

    "We have made recommendations to the government through disaster prone maps, to the public also continue to socialize how to respond to natural disasters," he concluded. Jo

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