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    Police Prepares In Cigarette Case Against Orang Utans


    BANDUNG- The ranks of Bandung City Police will explore the case of giving cigarette to Orang Utan from Kalimantan which is one of Bandung Zoo collection whose video recordings have been spread in a number of social media.

    Kapolrestabes Bandung City Senior Commissioner of Police, Hendro Pandowo said it will deepen this case including requesting information from the manager of Bandung Zoo and see the video that has spread in the community.

    "Today (Wednesday-red) came to Bandung Zoo to see Orang Utan suspected of being deliberately given cigarettes by visitors and we will also see the video of the incident," he said.

    According to Hendro, if the perpetrator is proven by deliberately giving cigarettes to Orang Utan which is a protected animal, then the concerned could be subject to Article 302 of the Criminal Code of light abuses against animals.

    "As happened in Safari Park some time ago, the perpetrator could be affected by Article 302," Hendro said, to www.Jabarprov.go.id, while visiting Bandung Zoo on Wednesday (07/03).

    Hendro also asked the managers to add signs prohibited by visitors clearly and more reproduced in every corner of the Zoo.

    "We ask for a ban on the provision of clear plain food and this should be so much that visitors feel always reminded," he said. (Parno)

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