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    Managers Dismiss Cigarette Delivery Against Orang Utan


    BANDUNG- The management of Bandung Zoo regretted the presence of visitors who allegedly deliberately committed a violation, by giving a cigarette to Orang Utan named Ozone which is one of Bandung Zoo collection.

    Bandung Zoo Communication Manager, Sulhan Syafi'i said, although it does not have any direct effect to Orang Utan from Borneo, but with the provision of cigarettes can be dangerous for the health of the protected animals for a long time.

    "Although not directly affected, the provision of cigarettes that have been burning just aja habit and this is intentionally done because cigarettes are thrown still freshly ignited"

    Sulhan appealed to all visitors to Bandung Zoo to comply with existing rules in every place including in animal cages, about the prohibition of providing food or other objects that could be harmful to the animal.

    "We will discuss internally and evaluate this incident, we have a video showing whether the case should be continued," Sulhan said.

    Sulhan admitted that his side was distracted by the existence of this case, because for security always done continuously by security officer including monitoring by using CCTV.

    "Every 2 hours our mobile security officers around the environment monitor and we will also add CCTV," he said. (Parno)

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