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    President Wants Indonesia 100 Percent Ready to Host Asian Games


    JAKARTA-The government is intensifying preparations for the 2018 Asian Games. This afternoon, President Joko Widodo and related officials held a limited meeting that specifically discussed it. This meeting is the eighth meeting since the first held in 2016 ago.

    Indonesia still has six months to finalize its existing preparations. This momentum, according to the President, should be fully utilized.

    "As a host I think we should be ready 100 percent soon," he said at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Tuesday, March 6, 2018.

    In his direction, the Head of State requested a detailed report about the construction of the venue of the match, either finished or still under construction. The same is true for improving the athlete's homestead.

    In addition, the President requested to the relevant ranks to develop technical implementation from opening to the closing of Asian Games 2018 with calculated.

    "This technical preparation is not only a ceremonial activity, but also traffic, accommodation and consumption arrangements, the movement of athletes and officials, as well as the readiness of support personnel." No one is scattered, "he continued.

    It is not less important, he stressed that in the event the Asian Games 2018, Indonesia is not only targeting the success as a mere host. President Joko Widodo wants the Indonesian athletes also able to incise achievements and make the people of Indonesia proud.

    "We are not just wanting to succeed as host, but also want to succeed in achievement.This is to be our record in preparation for the 2018 Asian Games," he said.

    Jakarta, March 6, 2018

    Deputy for Protocol, Press and Media Sector Secretariat of the President

    Bey Machmudin

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