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    Sundanese Residents Wander, Aher: Do not 'Shy'


    SURABAYA-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), bersilaturahim with Society Forum Pangumbaraan Tatar Sunda (Sunda Formas Ngumbara) East Java, in Harissa Fried Duck Eating Surabaya, Monday (05/03/2018) night.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said he was happy to meet with East Java people from West Java. The meeting, said Aher, is a gathering of friendship to strengthen the Islamic brotherhood, fraternity of all ethnic, nation, and country.

    "No matter where we are, it will be the Sundanese, Surabaya remain Sunda, to Australia remain so Sunda, to keep America Sunda, West Java although KTP not anymore," quipped Aher, laughter from the audience.

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan also prayed that the citizens 'pangumbaraan' (perantau) given the smoothness for all affairs, as well as always in the shade of Allah SWT.

    "Hopefully the children can go to school as high, the economy is lasting, prosperous, prosperous, and everything can be rich," he said.

    Due to go abroad, or diaspora, called the Governor Aher, brings many benefits, including economic benefits, welfare, social, as well as the benefits Jembar knowledge, expertise, and political benefits.

    "Anyway, when going home to West Java do not be shy, show the achievements of this 'ngumbara'," said Aher.

    In addition, it is expected also said Aher, Sundanese people can be glue of the nation. When migrating to an area, people from West Java can blend with local ethnic, or other ethnic. It can not be separated from the proverb 'silih tiller, silih asih and penance foster.'

    "Seek progress together, as well as to advance the area that is occupied now, it becomes an obligation for the residents of the wandering Sunda," said Aher.

    Aher also encourage the Sundanese to continue berdiaspora or spread outside the province of West Java, even abroad. Because, the diaspora, or the nomads become the source of a network, or a network of considerable potential.

    The network pontensi impact on a number of fields including education, research, business, entrepreneurship, government, as well as various other fields.

    The pattern of mutualistic relationships, involving diaspora communities, stakeholders from the Government of origin and Government where the 'pengumbara' is located. So that a strong network can be formed perfectly.

    "So the saying 'brackets batokeun', or 'like a frog in a shell' has been attached again to the self-Sundanese or residents from West Java. Now do not ya, Sundanese ranging everywhere yes. Thankful when Sundanese is no progress in the pursuit of the purpose of life in the place 'ngumbara' or place of rantaunya, "said Aher.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the Community Communication Forum of Tatar Sunda Pangumbaraan (Formas Sunda Ngumbara) East Java Region, Kang Sarpin, said he was glad his side paid attention to Governor Aher.

    "I feel alone, as long as I 'ngumbara' from college days until now, about 24 years, new governor now, Kang Aher is attention and often 'nengok' us," he said.

    It is the attention that makes him passionate about the sense of 'Sundanese' in his soul. He felt not forgotten by the leaders of his home region, West Java.

    Kang Sarpin also told the Sundanese everywhere, who wandering, to introspect and show ethics, and the best achievement where He was.

    On that occasion, Governor Aher provided assistance in the form of a set of gamelan instruments, a set of angklung, and a set of musical instrument Tagonian for Formas Sunda in East Java.

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