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    President Reminds Communities Not Easily Affected Defamation and False News


    Both slander and hate speech that have been happening in recent years have been very troubling. If this continues to be allowed, our nation will be easily divided.

    Concerns are also felt by President Joko Widodo. Responding to that, he advised that we are not easily affected by various slanderous and false rumors that are widely spread primarily in social media.

    "I leave the message to Mr / Ms all, do not be easily influenced by slanders and lies, not to reproach and vilify because we are all relatives and countrymen," said President during the award ceremony of land titles in the parking lot Sentul Circuit, Tuesday, March 6, 2018.

    Head of State see the phenomenon that lately usually found ahead of the democracy party both in the region and when the presidential election. Many societies are divided simply because of differences in political choice. The President certainly did not want the existing polemic to go on.

    "This country is a big country, not because it's a small thing like a society pitted against a sheep.That is sometimes the evil of politics there," said the President.

    The President has also been a party alleged by the spreaders of slander. Some time ago, many accusations are that President Joko Widodo is a member of the Indonesian Communist Party, a movement and party that has been declared illegal in Indonesia.

    "Whereas the PKI was dissolved in 1965, I was born in 1961. That means I am only 4 years old and there is a PKI toddler, which is slanderous," he said.

    He admits that he sometimes gets annoyed when he finds accusations like that. However, on the other hand he felt his anger would not be useful if diluapkan. However, according to him, people still have to be reminded about the lie.

    "Now I am also outspoken.If not reminded like that there are some who believe also," said the Head of State.

    Jakarta, March 6, 2018

    Deputy for Protocol, Press and Media Sector Secretariat of the President

    Bey Machmudin

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