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    Aher: All Companies in West Java Must Have a Sports Team


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) instructed all companies in West Java to have sports teams from their workers. Companies should facilitate sports facilities intended for workers. The instruction will be strengthened through a circular of the Governor of West Java which is planned in the near future will be made.

    So says Aher, after opening kick off League Worker West Java Zone 2018 held at the Arcamanik Stadium Bandung, Monday (05/03/2018).

    "I'm going to make a circular.It should be in a sports company for workers, so at least table tennis is," he said.

    According to Aher, sports facilities utilized by workers will have an impact on increased production and minimize work accidents because of the health effects caused. Companies that apply the rules of working hours to three shifts require healthy and fit workers.

    "I want the workers to exercise regularly, imagine, there are three shifts at the company's work hours, can be sleepy, the dangers of production can be reduced and work accidents.One so that not sleepy, fresh, fit is exercising," he said.

    The timing for exercise for the workers can be done before or after the regular hours of work.

    "It's important that there are other activities besides routine work, sports can be done before or after work," Aher said.

    In the league worker West Java zone 2018 which was held from 5 to 15 March 2018, followed by 11 companies. Among others, Bank BJB Bandung, PT Feng Tay, PT KAI Bandung, PT Pindad Persero, SPN Bandung, PT Kahatex, PT Kino, PT Chang Sin, Bank BNI Bandung, PT JNE Bandung branch, and PT Toyota Motor.

    Later winners or the best team of West Java zone workers will again be represented West Java at the national level of national league workers who will still be held in this year.

    Javari 2018 zone league match was held at the Arcamanik stadium and Pusdikpom Stadium Cimahi City. The winner will get trophies, medals, and coaching money.

    "I am sure this will be an annual agenda because this is a movement in Indonesia, so first in the Province, then the champions will be contested at the national level.
    It's part of reviving togetherness, innovation, creation, and health, "Aher closed.

    On that occasion Aher had the opportunity to witness an exhibition match between Bank BJB against the team from the West Java Provincial Government. Both teams each reinforced by Persib Bandung legend like Robby Darwis, Kekey Zakaria, Yudi Guntara and Cecep Supriatna.

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