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    West Java Provincial Government Gives 21 Thousand Tons of Social Assistance Prosperous Rice


    BANDUNG - A total of 21 thousand tons more Prosperous Rice (Rastra) again distributed West Java Provincial Government to 18 districts. Social Assistance Prosperous Rice is the second stage distribution after in January and the same amount has also been distributed.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) immediately unloaded five trucks carrying rice and handed symbolic Social Assistance Prosperous Rice to four representatives of Beneficiary Family (KPM), in the yard of the Pakuan Building Office building in Bandung on Monday (05/03/2018).

    "This is the second, the first number 21 thousand tons more nearly 22 thousand tons, the second number is the same, we continue to distribute," said Aher.

    Of this assistance, each KPM gets 10 kg of rice per month without a redeem price. Aher said, the accuracy of KPM data in each region should continue to be done given the shift of data continues to occur at any time. This change may be due to the result of PKH program and other poverty alleviation programs that make the community unfit for Social Assistance Prosperous Rice.

    "Of course in the field there must be data accuracy because the data shift continues to happen, it may be that the recipient of the literature who with PKH program and other poverty alleviation program then he succeeded then no longer eligible to receive Social Assistance Prosperous Rice, so this data can be changed," he said.

    Aher hopes that the change in KPM data is greater than the number of unable to go, this indicates that poverty alleviation programs have been successful.

    "On the contrary there are also people who fall into poverty whereas before he was able, hopefully the change of numbers from not able to be greater than able to not able, there is a margin there is a difference, well the difference is the result of the success of the program," said Aher .

    Of the more than 21,000 tonnes of Social Assistance Prosperous Rice distributed to these 18 districts, each region receives them depending on the level of poverty in the region. The most recipients of Bansos Rastra are Cianjur and Ciamis.

    "Portions are tailored to the needs, depending on the level of poverty in the region, most in Cianjur and Ciamis, while Karawang, Indramayu, Cirebon has fewer recipients," Aher said.

    Until now the distribution of Prosperous Rice to each region fairly smoothly and on time. This is because it is supported by good road infrastructure to rural areas. Aher hopes, people should receive and use this Social Assistance Prosperous Rice well. At the same time this assistance will also accelerate poverty alleviation. He also asked the community not to rely on Prosperous Rice aid because it will make people not work hard and independent.

    "I hope each region is also competing to reduce the number of KPM, I ask specifically to the Regent and with various programs," please Aher.

    One of the recipients of Social Assistance Prosperous Rice who came from West Bandung regency, Arifin, claimed to be grateful to get Prosperous Rice assistance which he thought was enough to help meet the food needs of his family.

    "Help like this I think is good because there are still many middle to lower society who still need, with the Social Assistance Prosperous Rice is quite helpful," he said.

    The quality of rice itself according to Arifin is quite good and very feasible for consumption.

    "The quality of rice is good, thank God for the aid of 10 kg of rice is very beneficial for the family," he said.

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