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    Aher Criticized Education Curriculum in Indonesia


    BANDUNG -West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan criticized the education system in Indonesia which tends to incriminate students with many subjects, especially in kindergarten, elementary, and junior high. On the other hand, character, moral, and cultural education are still lacking.

    In his speech at the inauguration of the Regional Board of Provincial of West Java at Gedung Sate on Monday (5/3/2018), Aher conveyed to the board of education and education departments that elementary school lessons in Indonesia are more difficult than primary school lessons in developed countries.

    Aher pointed out, the children in kindergarten are required to be able to read, write, and counting, then in grade 1 elementary school there has been a middle and end test. The number of subjects is also very much and schools often provide homework in large quantities as well.

    On the other hand, he said, there are still many elementary, junior and senior high school students who can not dispose of the garbage in their place, can not discipline queuing in public places, and do not understand the social life and the culture around them. "Math is clever, but throwing garbage into its place just can not," Aher said on the occasion.

    In fact, education in Indonesia, he said, is handled by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Religious Affairs, and the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education. Aher hopes that the education councils in the regions should provide much input to the central government for the best education in Indonesia.

    "We want to plan to design education in Indonesia, especially in West Java, to become character education, not only transfer knowledge, but also character, morals, morals and culture so that students can bring good character and knowledge," he said.

    Aher hopes that the education council can monitor and study rapidly the condition of education in West Java, including the curriculum which is considered too burdensome students, and then give input to the central government to pay more attention to character education.

    "If the curriculum is assessed to be altitude, why not lower it, why do not we make a curriculum that makes the spirit, not make students lazy, there is no public relations culture, it should be all done in school, at home should be observation," he said.

    The presence of professors or educational experts, he said, should not make the curriculum more complicated. It should make learning easier and easier to catch and apply by the students and the students the more comfortable the school.

    On the occasion, Aher also stressed the importance of non-English foreign language education for advanced education abroad. Aher says there are very many scholarships offered by non-English speaking countries, such as Germany, France, Japan, Russia and Arabic speaking countries.

    After English becomes elementary education in elementary to high school, he said, other foreign languages can be learned to continue education to universities abroad, so that the competitiveness of Indonesian students will be higher.

    "In this world of globalization, language skills and knowledge of information technology are very important, the minimum English becomes the basic ability of students, so if you want to study abroad do not have to learn anymore," he said. (Even)

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