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    18th Anniversary, Sekar Telkom Planted 1,800 Trees in Kareumbi


    PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) planted 1,800 trees in Masigit Mountain Kareumbi area, Bandung regency, on Saturday (3/3) last week.

    Telkom's Wholesale & International Sevices Director Abdus Somad Arief, who attended Walipohon and Walifauna's events, said that the management welcomes the activities held by Sekar Telkom.

    "Today there are three groups involved, Sekar, Management, and the motorcycle community. So we try to synergy and collaboration, especially between management and sekar that must be good, "he said.

    According to him, planting trees in the area of Mount Masigit Kareumbi is one of the momentum to unify the vision and mission spirit between Sekar and Management, as well as showing concern for the environment.

    He said that currently the technology is growing rapidly, and Telkom, as one of the companies engaged in technology, assessing the company's progress and survival not only from the technological side, but from the human.

    "So with Sekar must be aligned. Sekar represents employees, Management represents all companies including employees, in events that can make collaboration closer, Manajamen have the determination to follow. Hopefully Telkom can be a good collaboration example between Management and union of its employees, "he said.

    Chairman of Sekar Telkom Asep Mulyana said, the event titled Walipohon and Walifauna welcomed the 18th anniversary of Sekar Telkom this time is the sixth time.

    "In total there are 8,300 trees we planted in cooperation with Wanadri on a hill called Bukit Sekar in Kareumbi area," Asep told reporters. Jo

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