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    Tel-U Holds ICS2C For The First Time


    BANDUNG - Located on the campus of Telkom University (Tel-U) in Bandung Dayeuhlolot regency, a seminar on cyber world security was held for the first time.

    Internet Cyber Security Seminar and Competition (ICS2C) is held at once with competition or competition breaking internet security. Tel-U Rector Muhammad Ashari explains, internet security seminar and competition was held to give more understanding, especially to the students and the public about the internet and the ins and outs.

    "This is for the first time held, so that the perpetrators or internet users know the benefits and also the dangers of the internet itself" said Ashari.

    By presenting 4 speakers each from National Sandi Agency, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Communications and Informatics, according to Ashari knowledge about i ternet benefits and dangers can be more comprehensive.

    "Here we are talking about the defense of the country as well, because we know that the current state defense is not only about the territory faced with weapons, but also the cyber world," he said.

    Associated with internet security breach competition, Ashari said it was held to find out how far the ability of hackers whose knowledge can be used positively.

    "This is not a joke but we want to know the extent to which the ability of the participants to open or break the security of a web.The results are amazing in the early stages of competition there is a vocational school child who passed the initial selection of competition" he concluded. (Even)

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