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    Thousands of Students Follow Safety Socialization


    BANDUNG- A total of 4,000 students from various universities in West Java participated in a socialization about vehicle safety held by PT Jasa Raharja Branch of West Java with West Java Regional Police held Police and Jasa Raharja Go To Campus activities on Saturday (03/02), at Sasana Budaya Ganesha (Sabuga).

    Director of PT. Jasa Raharja, Budi Rahardjo said, this activity as a form of embodiment Jasa Raharja to make "safety people" as well as provide understanding to the students of the importance of safety factors in driving.

    "The level of awareness is good and true traffic has not become a form of culture in Indonesia, where there are still many motorists are not orderly," he said.

    Budi expects, the activities with the theme "Be Part Of Change Be A Safety Hero" the participants in attendance to be a motivator to be more "aware" of how to drive well and give priority to safety in driving.

    "We want to create a young generation who is" aware "to the safety of traffic, orderly in driving, obeying the rules of traffic and care for the safety of riders or other road users," he said. (Parno)

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