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    Leaders Should Be Agents of Change


    BANDUNG - Located at Hotel Preanger Bandung, 7 Sky Media gives awards to a number of local government leaders as well as state-owned and local enterprises. PDAM Depok one of the success earned the title of inspirational leader.

    Assistant II of West Java Governor Edi Nasution in his speech said that it is not easy to find a decent figure to be given an award as an inspirational leader, but of course there are still leaders who have these criteria based on objective assessment.

    "I attended the same award ceremony for the third time. Innovation is needed by the community for service improvement, it needs innovative leader, "he explained, Friday night.

    He said the current state of the all-round use of IT, requires leaders to be able to move quickly to follow.

    "All information is easy to get, through the gadget is fast until, should be able to be utilized positive impact," he said.

    Meanwhile, Bisma Mukti, from 7 Sky Media said the company's best service and the government will present a positive image for the people and the country.

    "People need change agents from creative leaders," he said.

    In the event, some SOEs who get the award for the leader is assessed to provide inspiration, among others, PDAM Depok City and Regional Owned Enterprise PT Jakpro, Jakarta.

    Director of Finance of PT Jakpro Liem Lain Ming said the award is grateful but also a whip to continue to work better.

    According to him, PT Jakpro became one of the largest enterprise owned by the Government of DKI Jakarta is currently working on various national and regional strategic projects.

    "We received a mandate from the central government strengthened from the governor through the gubernatorial regulation to build LRT mass transit in Jakarta, public facilities, and trusted to build facilities for the Asian Games.The mandate is quite heavy, for that we need all support," said Liem, while receiving the award. jo

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