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    Government Must Be Ready for the Possible Price of Fasting Fluctuation


    BANDUNG- The Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) acknowledges that every month before the fasting month and Eid Fitr there is always a fluctuation of food commodity prices in almost all regions in Indonesia as a result of the high demand for food commodities.

    "As every year, the price of food commodity fluctuations always happens, because the demand is high and the price increases," said KPPU Chairman, Syarkawi Rauf, to www.Jabarprov on Friday (02/03) night.

    According to Syarkawi, the Central Government should begin to anticipate from now possible the occurrence of price fluctuations of strategic food commodities, especially commodities that are still imported.

    "We have to anticipate from the beginning of the main food commodities that we still import from white sugar, garlic, beef it still depends on the needs of the outside,"

    Syarkawi stated, to anticipate the occurrence of food price fluctuations, the need for mutual coordination between institutions, ranging from KPPU, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, Police and Bulog.

    "With the coordination between institutions, at least we can repeat the achievements of 2017 where the institutions work together to coordinate very well so that we can make our food commodity prices the best in recent years," he said.

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