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    The Governor Invites Social Affairs Minister to Have Coffee Together


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan met Minister of Social Affairs, Idrus Marhan at the house of the Governor, Pakuan State Building, Bandung on Thursday (01/03).

    After the meeting, both of them tried Panghegar Coffee which is "champion coffee" which is planted in Pasundan land which has the best quality available in Indonesia.

    Minister of Social Affairs, Idrus Marham said, the coffee served in the meeting is very good and lucky to try the famous coffee worldwide.

    "This coffee is not promotional, but the way the Governor give us to drink coffee, so we have to be honest to say it is delicious, even delicious," he said.

    In addition to trying Panghegar coffee, the Minister of Social Affairs along with the entourage also tried to know meatball presented in the meeting. (Parno)

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