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    Heryawan: Coffee is Instrument to Solve Many Problems


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan stated that coffee is one of the instruments to solve many problems, one of which is forest conservation issues and it can alleviate poverty.

    "The problem solved by coffee is the problem of forest conservation, because coffee plant conservation can replace the vegetables of seasonal crops," said Governor, at Pakuan State Building, Thursday (01/03).

    According to the Governor, coffee can also help in eradicating poverty because the price of coffee is currently very high when it entered the international market so as to help increase the income of farmers.

    "The name of coffee rice that is dried before the frying without oil first only Rp.10.000-Rp.20.000 now the cheapest can reach Rp.100.000 and some even reach Rp.400.000," he said.

    Thus according to the Governor, the welfare of farmers is better and the people are now more enthusiastic to go back to plant and do business in the coffee plantation sector.

    "People who want to grow coffee but do not have the land can work with Perhutani so it can solve the problem of poverty," he said. (Parno)

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