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    Handling Social Impact of Jatigede Development not Maximal


    BANDUNG-Handling of the social impact of Jatigede development was not maximise. In fact, within a few months after the reservoir inundation, it had impact of flooding to several locations including Tomo roads, Sumedang District. It thus, revealed member Commission V West Java Parliament, Heri Ukasah in his statement to jabarprov.go.id on Tuesday (16/2).

    According to Herry, the floods which caused of Jatigede required maximum handling to anticipate the social impact, such as additional funds.

    Funds for handling the social impact in the West Java provincial budget 2016 had allocated Rp 6 billion. It shows the funds allocated inadequate. Heri hopes that the fund could be more added.

    Meanwhile, Head of West Java Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), R. Haryadi in his statement, said that the flood location has been designed as an exposed inundation.

    The emergence of the current floods in these locations caused of the flooding process which run faster. While the replacement locations including roads built is currently unfinished.

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