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    Tobacco Excise Fund For 3 Programs


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government encourages the use of funds for tobacco duty on tobacco (DBHCHT) 2018 directed at 3 program targets and not become the rest of the budget use (SILPA).

    West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa said the use of DBHCT by provinces and municipal districts derived from tobacco taxes should not be out of the policy set by the government.

    "This funding should side with three main things, tobacco farmers, illegal excise taxation and reduce the negative impacts of the tobacco industry," he said after the DBHCHT Management Coordination Meeting at West Java Regional Income Agency, Bandung, Thursday (1/3/2010).

    According to him in 2018 this use of funds can be maximal considering there are changes in regulation and policies DBHCHT. "So far, its use including provinces and districts / cities a few years is actually a SILPA," he said.

    The majority of the funds became SILPA according to Iwa because of the unclear central regulation in which provinces and districts fear the target of the fund is wrong. "Because there are some incidents, the funds allocated were checked (BPK) .Finally than used but wrong, better be SILPA," he said.

    Therefore the provincial government targets starting 2018 DBHCHT is no longer a SILPA by applying the establishment of an organizational structure in provinces to regions in order to synergize the use of these funds. After the structure headed by each Sekda was formed, it was continued with the need to socialize the new Ministry of Finance regulation related to this matter.

    "Now we do not want to be SILPA anymore, because that Rakor is also a means of optimizing the use of funds in each district / city according to the existing potential.Chap 15 localities present here," he concluded. (Even)

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