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    Aher Meets Flooded Cirebon Residents


    CIREBON CITY- RW 09 residents neighborhood of South Kesunean, Kasepuhan Village, Lemah Wungkuk Subdistrict, Cirebon City was flooded some time ago. There are several factors that cause, both natural and nonalamiah factors.

    Met on the flood victims of RW 09 Kesunean Selatan, Kasepuhan sub-district, Lemah Wungkuk sub-district, Cirebon city, on Tuesday (27/2/18), West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) explains the high rainfall factor to be one of the causes. In addition there are other factors, namely human error.

    "One of the causes is natural because the rainy season, high rainfall, at the same time we should also evaluate the whole cause, so if we finish it at least, there is no human error factor," said Aher accompanied by Pjs. Mayor of Cirebon Dedi Taufik.

    Aher said that the rainfall in nearby Cirebon is at current high levels. If the rainfall at the level of 30-35 milliliters per second, is included in the category of heavy rain. However, the current condition of rainfall reaches 237 milliliters per second. This could mean rain for one month washed down in a matter of days or a week.

    "Because the rain is already included in the rain of ngagebret (heavy rain) when it goes to 30 to 35 milliliters per second, but it's already 237 milliliters per second, imagine, so rain for a month on the drag or drop is the problem."

    Not only natural factors, human and non-structural error factors are also the other causes of flood problems. On this occasion, Aher asked the community to keep the natural environment, such as not littering or going to the river. In addition, the normalization of watersheds as well as the re-greening of forest areas must be continuously carried out. To that end, Aher asks the ranks and the relevant districts / cities to continue to coordinate.

    "At the same time, it is also non-structural, that is reforestation, although if I call forest greening it is already green forest area, but must be more green," Aher pleaded.

    "Secondly, the embungs need to be maintained and the third, the river body also needs to be normalized, including the waste disposal that still occurs in the community, so waste disposal becomes part of the cause of the flood, because finally the river should be wide and wide , but clog up because of garbage, then the water overflows and floods, "he concluded.

    Sumarni (19), one resident RW 09 Kesunean Selatan, Kasepuhan Village, Lemah Wungkuk District, Cirebon City said the flood that occurred in his house reached the depth of an adult's knee. The flood is a shipment from Kuningan and has been going on for almost a month. However, the current condition is receding.

    "Last Monday was still (flood) .The flood was sent from Kuningan, it was almost a month flood," said Sumarni.

    Meanwhile, encountered in the same place, Head of BPBD Cirebon Agung Sedijono revealed, that Cirebon flood occurred due to overflow of rivers and rob. While the number of residents affected in RW 9 Kesunean Selatan, Kasepuhan Village, Lemah Wungkuk District amounted to three RT submerged with the number of 90 kk or 400 souls.

    "The floods due to heavy rain, rob, and the river are many obstacles, and too rainy in the upstream," said Agung.

    When asked about the aid, Agung admitted that Cirebon City Government through Social Service has been coordinated through disaster relief. Because the number of flood-prone points in Cirebon increases, the total number of kk affected reaches 500 kk with the number reaches 2,500 souls.

    "The local government assistance is being processed, but if from CSR BJB send 500 pax, we will distribute it in quick time," admitted Agung.

    Agung added that the city of Cirebon as of December 1, 2017-31, 2018 has emergency alert status Disaster. It is estimated that the intensity of rain will still be high until the end of March. "Now also can be said peak (rainy season) according to BMKG," said Agung.

    Related to this flood, City Government and Cirebon Regency also Kuningan Government has coordination meetings. The result they agreed to cooperate through normalization of the river.

    "Yesterday it was a coordination meeting of Kuningan Government, Cirebon City and Regency We have agreed to do something, especially BBWS Cimanuk They have short term program to open the blockage, so the sub-river will be cleared. there is also PU City cleaning, because in this river flow of garbage, and others, "said Agung.

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