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    West Java Provincial Govt Completed Control the All Mines


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan will curb the entire mineral and energy in West Java, both in small, medium, and large businesses up to individual mines company.

    The controlling was conducted for the management of licenses and regulation of mineral mining or C entrenchment submitted to the provincial government which before the permit processing was at the level of district/city governments.

    It thus revealed in the release issued by the Regional Secretariat of Public Relations West Java, on Monday (15/2) and received by the editorial jabarprov.go.id, Monday (15/2) afternoon.

    The release explained that after a follow-up meeting of the coordination and supervision management of mineral and coal and also the Kick Off Meeting in Coordination and Supervision of Energy Sector in 2016 that located at the building of KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission), South Jakarta, on Monday (02/15/16), Aher said, there are many mines in particular C entrenchment which against the rule, such as the land mines that are not in accordance with the permit, and also the mine conservation areas which was clearly not allowed.

    "It almost happend in all areas of West Java that against the rule of permit, we had been already making the arrangement and controlling," said Aher.

    According to Aher, the company who againts the rules or not operating in accordance with the permit should be closed until the permission and operations is in accordance with the existing rules.

    "We will not open the operation until its license has been taken care," he said.

    In 2017, 100 percent of the entire C entrenchment management handled by the province. Todays the license of renewal and manufacture has been managed by the province, and while the C entrenchment had been done in two years back.

    "We will also continue to monitor all the C entrenchment existed, including permit of all areas still get wrong in the permission rules," he said.

    Aher added, this meeting discussed the rules of various mining in Indonesia which has reached thousands of mine operators, monitoring, regulation and making same perception with the ministries, KPK and the 12 governors in Indonesia.

    "KPK will also intervene in mine monitoring, in addition to the provincial government has the authority," he said.

    Aher hopes all the mines in West Java do not damage the environment, the employers should be pro on the environment, there must be Amdal (Environmental Impact Assessment) which run well with not only as licensing requirements merely.

    "For example, if the mine has been cut down a number of trees then it must be replaced by planting trees that in accordance with Amdal, in fact, Andal is currently such only the part of requirements," said Aher.

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