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    Waste Management Costs is Government Homework


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government encourages the government and the private sector to think about appropriate waste management technology but efficiency in terms of the ability of local budgets.

    West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa said waste management in the province of West Java has now reached the critical and crucial stage. "Meanwhile, waste landfill operated by districts / municipalities in an unfeasible condition in an operational system," he said in Bandung, Wednesday (28/2/2018).

    According to him this problem was born because the financing for the development and operation of landfill both provincial and district / city has not received adequate budgetary priorities. "Therefore, in addition to technical and social aspects, processing technology should consider the ability of local government financing," he said.

    This statement according to Iwa has been submitted in the waste energy management workshop attended by the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Environment of Japan and JICA in Bandung.

    "We need to sit together to formulate management technologies based on characteristics, waste utilization plans, land availability and community empowerment around the landfill. Also the importance of financing capabilities, "he said.

    Iwa acknowledge this proposal is not easy because determining the waste processing technology that is compatible with the characteristics and capabilities of the region need a comprehensive discussion. "Indeed, garbage business in the era of regional autonomy is now a problem in itself," he said.

    A number of other issues that arise in this matter in addition to financing according to Iwa, among others, the development of land and various urban activities that resulted in the volume of waste continues to rise. On the other hand, the provision of land for waste landfill is limited. "So it needs environmentally friendly waste technology and integrated management system," he said.

    Iwa hopes that this related input can be discussed and thought together because it reflects on the experience of TPPAS Regional Nambo and Legoknangka operations which are experiencing a number of complex issues.

    "So we welcome it if the current Maritime Affairs Ministry facilitates the assessment of waste management, hopefully providing comprehensive and beneficial results for the regions according to the rules of law," he explained. (Even)

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