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    Governor Attends GMS bjb bank


    BANDUNG - BJB Bank as a Enterprise owned by West Java Provincial Government (Jabar) in 2017 showed a very good performance, where the profit reached Rp2, 1 trillion rupiah. This performance gained appreciation from the shareholders in the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) of bank bjb at Hotel Aryaduta Bandung, Wednesday (28/2).

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) representing West Java Provincial Government as the largest shareholder appears present at the GMS, also seen bank director bjb Ahmad Irfan and a number of district and city officials in West Java.

    "BJB bank must be an economic driver in West Java, not only duty to channel and collect public funds but also escort the business actors to run and develop," he said.

    Aher continues, the assistance to the business environment is something that should not be ruled out for added value, not only for bank bjb, but also its customers. Another impact is, it can make the level of trust increase.

    About the level of confidence, Aher added, at this time, the condition is high. It looks at the condition and development of bank stock bjb on the floor of the stock. Mentioned, at this time, the stock price of bank bjb, the average is at the level of Rp 2.300 per share. Jo

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