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    Provincial Government Accelerates Construction of Al-Jabbar Mosque


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government accelerates the construction of West Java Provincial Al Jabbar Mosque in Gedebage, Bandung, by proposing the opening of access Padaleunyi KM 149 to accelerate the attribution of equipment and building materials.

    West Java Provincial Government Secretary, Iwa Karniwa, said from the initial plan of completion of Al Jabbar Mosque construction 6,344 percent on February 25, 2018, only realized 1,541 percent. This delay is due to weather constraints.

    Iwa said the second largest mosque construction process after the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta suffered a deflation of 4.803 percent. The heavy rain that has often fallen since late 2017 hampers the dredging process and the installation of piles.

    "It is expected that the dredging and installation of piles built at 1,800 points will be completed in two months, and there are already significant steps to accelerate development," Iwa said during a visit to the Al Jabbar mosque building site on Tuesday (27/2).

    Acceleration of the development process, he said, it is done to anticipate the disruption and development barriers. Among these were the opening of the Padaleunyi KM 149 Toll Access, which was previously opened and used for the construction of Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA).

    "Later KM 149 access will be opened. This is in the process of proposal to Jasa Marga and Jasa Marga insyaallah will respond well in a relatively short time," said Iwa.

    The dredging to build a retention lake, Iwa said, is done by moving the land or disposal from the construction site of the mosque to the land that the owner has approved as the landfill site.

    Trucking takes only about 10 minutes to the disposal site because it is adjacent to the construction site. This oun minimize traffic disturbance due to this land transportation activity. (Even)

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