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    Governor Election Social Capital West Java Chairman KPU Version


    Jakarta - West Java Governor Election faces many challenges. There are seductions, hoaxes, identity politicization in the form of SARA, and radicalism. There are even unscrupulous election organizers affected by the persuasion of democracy hijackers so as to receive gratuities, rumors are not true, there are also SARA issues, and even radicalism.

    But the challenge can be overcome because the people of West Java have social capital, namely the commitment to the cultural values of "watch overtime", the rules of silih asah and silih asuh, diversity in the framework of unity, preparation and careful planning, and experience of conducting two pilgub.

    It was announced by Chairman of West Java KPU Yayat Hidayat when delivering the material at the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Law Enforcement Against Violation of Law. 10 Year 2016 about Election, organized by Polda Metro Jaya at Hotel Falatehan Kebayoran Lama Jakarta, Tuesday (27/2).

    According to Yayat, social capital should be used election organizers, election participants, and voters. "With such social capital, KPU and Bawaslu must be professional, independent, and integrity, and election participants must have integrity, which is to win the competition in democratic ways, while voters must have integrity by having sufficient information and insight when making choices, "he said.

    These values need to be applied because according to Yayat, West Java Governor Election should be a means of education of democracy, namely the values that become the reference and learning about how to compete with the peaceful idea. Similarly, in the role as a vehicle of political tourism, this democratic party should be enjoyed and entertained everyone.

    Previously, Metro Jaya Police Chief, represented by Head of Law, explained that this activity is intended to improve his staff's insight in anticipating local elections in Polda Metro Jaya. The FGDs were also attended by officials of Polda, Kapolres and Kapolsek, especially those directly involved in West Java Governor Election namely Depok and Bekasi. Other speakers shown are Ratna Dewi Petalolo from Bawaslu RI and Nur Said from Police Criminal Investigation. (Even)

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