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    Building a Child Friendly School, Netty Wants West Java High School / Vocational School Prioritizing These Three Things


    BANDUNG - Following the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture (Permendikbud) Number 82 year 2015, on Child Friendly School (SRA), West Java Provincial Government through the Education Office of West Java Province continues to encourage the development of High School / Vocational School, both in terms of infrastructure and educational personnel. According to the regulation, Child Friendly School must meet three elements, namely infrastructure (hardware), teaching materials or curriculum (software), and human resources of education (brainware).

    Given that the three elements tend to be difficult and need a long process to implement, then Literacy Mother of West Java Netty Heryawan reveals, efforts to realize the Child Friendly School the easiest can be done through the following three things.

    The first is the welcome and acceptance of teachers to their students. For Mother Netty, an approach with learners will bring a sense of comfort and a friendly atmosphere, so that students will be happy and eager to undergo activities at school.

    "It's important, at least ask the students, let's talk about the things they like, welcome them as we welcome our children," said Bunda Netty as guest speaker of Child Friendly School For Second Home and School Without Violence, at 10 High School Bandung Cikutra Street No. 77 Bandung, Tuesday (27/02/2018).

    "Use a communication style between parents and children, not like a boss with subordinates," he continued.

    In addition, a fun learning process for students becomes the second important point that should be prioritized in realizing the Child Friendly School. This point is proved directly by Netty by asking the students of SMAN 10. When Netty asked the most preferred subjects, students' answers ranged from math, sports to KWU (Entrepreneurship). But when asked why, all students with compact answers because the subject teachers are friendly, fun, friendly and friendly.

    "Well, the teachers, this is what the students want, then we can ask the same teacher, how to have fun teaching tips, let the students become like all the lessons," Netty said.

    While the third thing that should be prioritized is the handling of the problem. Although SMAN 10 Bandung already has eight teachers guidance counseling competent in the field, but both students and teachers must understand how and where they should report if something happens that can not be handled by the counseling.

    "Do not let a whiteboard erase float in the classroom, do not happen like in another province where a student has the heart to finish off his own teacher," Netty said.

    Principal of SMAN 10 Bandung Ade Suryaman said, SMAN 10 has been made reference school since 2016, and since then SMAN 10 has committed to become child friendly school. Maximizing the function of the Child Friendly School, he said, in early 2017 SMAN 10 metamorphosed into an open sports school.

    "We take and guide athletes, they are given the opportunity to practice as well as learn, so they can excel academically as well," said Ade in his speech.

    In order to complement Child Friendly School's infrastructure, Ade has a target in 2018 to build 12 new classrooms, and renovate the school mosque to accommodate 1,456 students during Friday prayers.

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