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    Garut Regent Tasks Executor is Asked to Monitor Gratification Case


    BANDUNG-Desk Election Simultaneously of West Java 2018 ensures the election of Garut regent and vice regent 2018 still running despite being hit by cases of gratification of  Garut Chairman Election Supervisory Board and General Election commissioner.

    West Java Chairman of the Election Desk Iwa Karniwa said the case is revealed by the police in Garut regrettable because it injures the democratic process that the average has been running well in other areas. "Now there is a legal process in West Java Police, we respect and submit this to the legal process," he said at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Monday (26/2/2018).

    According to the Regional Election Head of West Java directly coordinate and make direction at the KPU and Bawaslu to continue the process of Garut elections and not disturbed by cases of gratuities that befall the organizers of elections. "Garut Panwaslu and KPU must still process election," he said.

    West Java Regional Secretary also said it has asked Garut regent tasks executor Koesmayadi to continue to monitor the development of gratuities cases also provide a quick solution to the organizers of elections in Garut. "We have asked Regent tasks executor to be active, because the election desk hopes the process of democracy in Garut still running smoothly," he said.

    In a meeting with West Java Bawaslu this morning, Iwa claimed not to discuss specifically related to the case of gratuities. It only held a meeting with Bawaslu, Bureau of Government and Cooperation, then the Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency and the Regional Personnel Board of West Java related to the request for additional facilities from Bawaslu.

    "Bawaslu submitted a request for 2/3 West Java Korpri building to be borrowed relating to the implementation of Bawaslu task. This is considering the extension of personnel and authority, they request additional office, "he said.

    It approved the application but according to the provisions of the status of the use of borrowing is confirmed that there is clarity is used for Bawaslu. Then maintenance, use of electricity and water also become burden of Bawaslu.

    "Given the start of significant election stages, I ordered the Asset cabin and the Head of Government and secretary BKD secretariat bawaslu check in the field and made the news event. Administration process given time to them, for smooth administration, can be completed this week, "he said.

    West Java Kopri building located on Turangga street during its use is not so optimal considering some civil servants there have been transferred to BKD. The staff there are currently living 14 people.

    "Institutionally Kopri still exist. Well, specifically for Kopri conference room that can accommodate 200-300 people that can be used together between kopri and bawaslu only regulated schedule. Bawaslu no need to rent for meetings, "he explained (Pun)

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