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    Nahdatul Ulama Pleases Be Bring Leaders to Change


    Bandung, - Chairman of Nahdatul Ulama Regional Leadership (PWNU) West Java, KH. Hasan Nuri Hidayatullah said the Branch Conference (Konfercab) Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) of Bandung gave birth to organizational leaders who can bring a better change for Nahdatul Ulama in Bandung.

    "Hopefully this konfercab can give birth to leaders who bring independence to the organization," said KH. Hasan Nuri Hidayatullah when opening live Konfercab activities) Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) Bandung, Sunday (25/2/2018)

    Gus Hasan greeting Chief of Nahdatul Ulama (PWNU) of West Java, appealed to all participants of Konfercab PCNU Bandung to always keep the NU traditions that have been inherited by the elders of the previous NU.

    "These keulamaan values ??must be maintained," said Gus Hasan

    He expressed his gratitude to the board of NU Bandung City Previously who has contributed greatly in advancing NU in West Java, especially in Bandung.

    "I as the chairman of PWNU West Java to thank the PCNU committee Bandung City before," he concluded

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