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    Indonesia is Best Developer Ready to compete in Grand Final of Telkom Hackathon


    BANDUNG - Telkom Hackathon 2018, a competition for hundreds of millions of business applications and business trips abroad, immediately entered the final round. The twenty best teams have managed to get away from the judging of the first stage and beat nearly 400 other teams participating in this competition.

    The finalists who qualified for the finals came from various cities in Indonesia. Here are 20 selected teams of Telkom Hackathon finalists; (Bandung, Makassar), ESSchool (Surabaya) pinless Payment Application (bandung), Lamial (yogyakarta), MagiCart (Bandung), Masakin (Jakarta), Medth (jakarta), Natieva (Jakarta), SNOPY (jakarta), Sorella (Jakarta), TRASURANCE (surabaya), Tukang Dagang Bandung), Ulah - Tuition (yogyakarta) and ZAKKI (Denpasar)

    Ahmad Rosadi Djarkasih as Chairman of Telkom Hackathon stated that 20 teams that have passed the first stage of judging have succeeded in creating innovative new business applications and using API from Telkom xsight effectively.

    "We are excited and enthusiastic about the many creative ideas that can be created by optimizing the use of Telkom API in xsight. To convince us that our young generation of Indonesia is ready to grow and compete in digital world and technology of today "he said in Bandung, Sunday (25/2).

    The finalists were selected to join the coaching clinic and grand final to be held at Bandung Digital Valley, Gegerkalong Hilir Street No. 147 Bandung, on Saturday and this Sunday. On the first day, participants will be given training and coaching (coaching clinic) by coach. Eko Budiardjo / IPKIN (Ikatan Profesi Komputer dan Informatika Indonesia) and Bima Laga / IDEA (Indonesia e-Commerce Association).

    After coaching clinic, participants are given time to do the hacking to accomplish his work with mentoring / mentoring from Dr.. Bisyron Wahyudi IDSIRTII (Indonesia Security Incident Response Team on Internet Infrastructure / Coordination Center) during the hacking process.

    The jury for the grand final round consists of the internal team of PT Telkom and external. Internal judges of PT Telkom are represented by Tri Gunadi - EVP Business Service Division of PT Telkom Indonesia and Alip Priyono, IR - EGM Information Technology of PT Telkom Indonesia. While the external jury team consisted of Indonesian technology experts, Didik Partono Rudiarto from ASPILUKI (Association of Indonesian Telematics Software), Andy Zaky / MIKTI (Creative Industry Society of Technology Innovation and Communication Indonesia), Prof. Richardus Eko Indrajit / APTIKOM (Association of Indonesian Computer Science Colleges), Betty Alisjahbana / AOSI (Association of Open Source Indonesia), and I Gusti Manik / Rocklife Systems Inc.

    Sri Safitri, Chairman of XSight Task Force of PT Telkom, added that this competition is in line with the efforts of PT Telkom to encourage young people to have the spirit to become digital entrepreneurs. At the same time aligning themselves with the mandate of President Jokowi who was persistent to build the digital economy in Indonesia.

    "Moreover we previously also successfully held Telkom Hackathon 2015 and 2016, so this annual grand event was held back in order to achieve the goal of national digital economy independence," he said. Jo

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