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    Residents Clean the Citarum River


    BANDUNG - Hundreds of residents together with school students, territorial paramilitary, and the Indonesian Army (TNI) collaborated on clearing times of New Cicadas passing Cijawura Sub-District Buahbatu Subdistrict and Mekarjaya Urban Village, Rancasari Subdistrict, Bandung, Saturday (24/02)

    Acting Mayor of Bandung, Muhamad Solihin memgatakan, clean-up waste activities in the river along the 1.5 km as part of Bandung City Government efforts to reduce waste that potentially flows into the Citarum River and its tributaries.

    "We clean it up to the border of the city marked by Purbaleunyi toll road and this is our responsibility with all elements of society, vertical agencies, and we are assisted by TNI and police," he said.

    According to Solihin, besides as a series of National Trash Peduli Day, this activity is a way to raise public awareness about the importance of cleanliness with the hope that in the future no one will throw garbage into the river.

    "Residents become agents that maintain the cleanliness of the river, community involvement is very good and strong so that with this program, residents are accustomed to live with clean and healthy environment," he said. (Parno)

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