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    Supporting Citarum Harum


    BANDUNG - Citarum Sector Commander Harum 22 Area Bandung City, Kol. Inf. Asep Rahman Taufik stated, his side will continue to assist the community in doing clean-up in a number of tributaries until the program Citarum Harum complete.

    "In line with the declaration of Mr. Jokowi (President of RI) was seven years for the Citarum was healthy again," said Asep, on the sidelines of clean-up River Cicadas Baru, Cijawura Village District Buahbatu and Village Mekarjaya District Rancasari, Saturday (24/02 )

    According to Asep, mass-school work and school children's education is a series of National Trash Peduli Day (HPSN) commemorated every February 21 and the Central Government proclaimed a 3-month clean waste program from 21 January to 21 April 2018.

    "To support the program, the Environment and Hygiene Agency rolled out its #group campaign to message the public to always preserve the river," he said.

    Asep said, in the near future, it will hold the activities of Zero Waste International Forum invites several cities that already manage the waste well to learn and exchange information and so forth.

    "On March 5-6, we will conduct Zero Waste International Forum activities," he said. (Parno)

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