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    Aher - Netty Wins PWI Award


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan and Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan were awarded the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) Jabar, at the peak of the National Jabar Day 2018, which was held at Asrilia Hotel Bandung, Friday (23/02/2018) .

    The number one person in West Java and his wife assessed PWI has a big hand in their respective fields in an effort to advance the province of West Java. Over the past 10 years or two of his leadership periods, the Governor of Aher has built a better Jabar change in various sectors. As many as 500 more awards have been achieved until now. Previously, in March 2017, the central PWI has also awarded PWI's highest award for Aher, the Golden Pen.

    Meanwhile, Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan assessed PWI, as a mother of literacy Jabar continue to work to improve the culture of reading the community, against hoax and improve family resilience. This is in line with the vision of the PWI.

    Met after receiving the award, Governor Aher hopes, the national press day warning can be encouraging, especially the press in West Java to always present a healthy, neutral and synergic press with the government in advancing Jabar. The press according to one of the stakeholders who can not be separated from the journey of a country. Starting from the presenter of information, entertainment, community moral formation, social control to government guard.

    "The press plays a very important role as the front guard in guarding the development process," he said.

    He said, over the times, the press was sued to adapt to the swift currents of globalization. Even today the threat does not only come from traditional things through military or war power. The threat of cyber and hoax, now it becomes one of the main threats that can divide the nation or better known as proxy war.

    "This is where the press is required to play its role as mediator by providing information that is true and what it is and no less important is to restore public confidence, especially to the government," said Aher.

    According to him, it is not excessive considering the number of news that is out of control and in an instant the news is widespread.

    "In other words the press must always maintain the concept of tabayyun as I have always alluded to in various occasions," he said.

    Chairman PWI Jabar, Mirza Zulhadi reveals, the year 2018 is colored with media turmoil, especially print in the face of the future. The mass media convention in Padang on February 9, at the HPN anniversary, described the turmoil.

    "Our society today seems to have drunk the information, there is saturation there, digital revolution and hoax is not controlled," he said.

    But, he continued, when talking facts, in fact the media need not worry especially on mainstream media or mainstream media. KPI survey noted, 87% of people still mengcai news through the television media. In fact, 92% of people do not trust information circulating in social media.

    "They love the news in medsos because of the issues, but still for the truth they are looking for mainstream media," he said.

    So also the results of a survey of the SPS who call the community still still love and believe in the news presented in the print media.

    "So the conclusion is to continue to work professionally and obey the code of ethics," said Mirza.

    On the commemoration of the national press day, PWI Jabar this year held a Kang Aher trophy championship and Pekan Sports Weekend (Powarda) after 30 years not held, as well as social service cataract surgery.

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