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    Deddy: Gafatar Isn’t Just Religious Issues, But Also Economic Issues


    CIMAHI-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar together with Regional Assistant of Public Welfare Ahmad Hadadi reviewed the repatriation of ex-Gafatar in the temporary shelter of Social Department of West Java Province in Cibabat, Cimahi, Friday (15/2).

    During his visit, Vice Governor directly visited to the temporary shelters. Deddy conducted a dialogue about the ex-Gafatar activities during in Borneo as well as their plans upon return.

    Met after his visit, Deddy said that the strongest reason of ex-Gafatar following this organisation was the lack of their religion comprehension. While there is a new doctrine which makes them comfortable. In addition, the Gafatar organisation also provide economic solutions that make them more convinced of the doctrine they understand.

    “It can be understood that their belief can be applied through economic solution. I think it can be a learning experience for us, that there are two problems here, both in belief and economic issues,” he said.

    In addition Dedy added that the number of followers Gafatar who farming in Borneo was an economic solution given by Gafatar to their followers which impact on the strength of their belief on the new doctrine they understand.

    "Actually, they already known about Gafatar before they went to Borneo where Gafatar provide solutions in economic life. These doctrine provides a solutions for their life better,” he said.

    Ex-Gafatar repatriation is the IV wave with a number of 376 people who planned to be repatriated today to their District/City respectively.

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