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    PHK Must be Followed the Growth of New Industry


    BANDUNG-The closure of several Japanese electronics company in Indonesia is due to the impact of global conditions. But according to West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, he expected that it will followed with the growth of new industry, so there is no surge in unemployment.

    "It must be addressed by national policy, that not only in West Java. We expect the Central Government to make policies for the growth of new industries,” he said, in Bandung (15/2).

    According to Ahmad Heryawan, West Java will follow the policies of the Central Government for the growth of new industries.

    "If the central government will make policies, we will follow it, such as by making policy in ease the investments,” he said.

    Governor hoped the public or workers should not be panic on these conditions, because there must be policy that support the industrial growth.

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