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    National Working Meeting APPSI 2018, Cross Cooperation Inter-Provincial


    BANDUNG - To succeed the implementation of Regional Autonomy, and to increase synergy between Provincial Region, and to create harmonious relationship between Provincial Region, Association of Provincial Government of Indonesia (APPSI) held a national working meeting (rakernas) 2018.

    Located at The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung, National Working Meeting APPSI Year 2018 was attended by all Delegates from 34 (thirty four) Provinces. Any work meeting held on 21 s.d February 23, 2018.

    Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo, said the Regional Government needs to establish a great power, by bringing together the strengths that exist from each region by working together and in synergy.

    In line with the theme of National Working Meeting "Inter-regional Trade Cooperation for National Economic Strengthening", the Provincial Government is expected to work together to overcome environmental constraints to achieve higher levels of trade productivity.

    Home Minister Tjahjo Kumolo also said, the parties who work together to achieve higher progress. With cooperation, each region will transfer knowledge, skills, and information.

    "Each region will try to promote or develop itself from the learning together," said Tjahjo, when opening APERNI Rakyatas 2018 in Bandung, West Java, Wednesday (21/02/2018).

    Tjahjo illustrates that if a region individually fights for its interests, it may be underestimated, but if it becomes a member of a regional cooperation forum, its voice will be more noticed.

    In addition, the parties that work together can minimize or prevent conflict. With cooperation, areas that were initially competing or conflicted, could be more tolerant and seek to benefit or learn from the conflict.

    So that each side feels more justice, because there is transparency in cooperating relationships, as well as a commitment not to betray its partners but to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship on an ongoing basis.

    "This cooperation can eliminate" regional ego. "Through such cooperation, the tendency of" regional ego "can be avoided, and the vision of togetherness as a nation and state can grow," he said.

    "For example, the Governor of West Java (Aher), if not kind to the Governor of East Java will be troublesome, karde Pakde Karwo every day to send 650 more cattle to West Java. Reid back, the textile in West Java sent to East Java, "said Tjahjo Kumolo.

    Thus the Minister of Home Affairs appreciated National Working Group APPSI 2018, which can assist Provincial Government in determining priority scale, through synergy and connectivity between Provinces.

    Chairman of APPSI Syahrul Yasin Limpo said that each region has its own advantages. Both in products, commodities, and other potentials that other Provinces may need.

    "That's what we are trying to consolidate, crossing between each other," Limpo said.

    So further Limpo, if all this acceleration of growth-oriented economy abroad, both for export of imported materials needed. Maybe now we have found other solutions by working together in synergy between the Provinces.

    "We do not need to import textiles from outside, because there is from West Java, we do not need rice from outside because there is from South Sulawesi," he said.

    "This is specifically discussed, we try to set up, collect the ability and excellence of the region to be synergized with each other.That is what we want to report to Mr. President that like this, so that the power can we generate stronger," he hoped.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), host of National Working Group APPSI 2018, mentioned in his final year as Governor, hoping that the Governor who will replace him later, can appear to be a good governor by presenting a more advanced achievement. For that, Aher said the cooperation in APPSI must be continued by successor someday.

    "Because not necessarily the lack of each region, the solution must be imported, it could be with the cooperation between the Provinces," said Aher.

    By solving every inter-provincial problem, the economic pulse chain will have a wider effect. In the hope of bringing fresh wind to the national economy.

    "APPSI regional strategic forum of the national area I feel glad and happy, because as the host, there are 24 Governors, 6 Vice Governors, and 4 more represented Regional Secretary and Assistant Governments, this is the greatest presence during National Working Group held," said Governor Aher.

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