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    BI Anticipates Counterfeit Money Distribution During Election


    BANDUNG- The process of electing the Regional Head (Pilkada) simultaneously in 2018 will be conducted in 16 cities and districts including the voters of Governor and Vice Governor of West Java has started which is marked by the start of candidate pair (Paslon) doing safari to some region.

    Head of Representative of West Java Province Bank Indonesia, Wiwiek Sisto Widayat said, to anticipate the circulation of counterfeit money during the elections process, various efforts were initiated by Bank Indonesia Representative Office of West Java.

    "We have some activities we must do, first we continue to do more intensive socialization again and we will also increase the need for money for the community, especially in 16 cities and districts in West Java that will conduct elections," he said.

    Wiwiek hopes that in this way, there will be no counterfeit money circulation or can reduce the existence of counterfeit money in the community during the election process or after the activity.

    "In facing election, of course we have an expectation that the counterfeit money does not exist or can we down," please Wiwiek, to www.Jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (21/02)

    Wiwiek also asked the entire West Java community to be wary of the possibility of circulation of counterfeit money during conducting various activities related to the elections.

    "BI remains focused on how the public can get enough money with different nominal and different types so that when they need the money it can be met," he said. (Parno)

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