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    West Java Police Seizes Illegal Cosmetics Factory


    BANDUNG, - Directorate of Special Criminal Investigation (Ditreskrimsus) Polda West Java menggerebeg factory of illegal cosmetics, in Gyan Plaza Rd office Jln Pasir Koja Babakan ciparay, Bandung.

    West Java Police Chief Insp. Gen. Pol Agung Budi Maryoto said, from the results of the officers seized raw materials and cosmetic production equipment from illegal cosmetics factory that has been operating since 8 months ago. Within a day, the illegal factory can produce about 12 thousand dozen illegal cosmetics.

    According to West Java Police Chief, performers mix and pack cosmetics with a mixture of various ingredients of cream and packaged with brands in accordance with the order.

    "In one day this factory can produce 10 to 12 thousand dozen," said Agung told reporters in Bandung, Tuesday (20/2/2018).

    Agung said it secured two suspects who were suspected of being the owner of the illegal cosmetics factory.

    "Cosmetics that have been packaged and given the label and the different types and composition when the same basic material is planned to be sent to Asemka Jakarta to be circulated," he explained.

    Meanwhile, Head of West Java Police Public Relations AKBP Hari Suprapto added officers Ditreskrimsus Polda West Java is still doing the development of the case. In fact, officers are still tracking the perpetrators of packaging raw materials providers.

    The two suspects, each SM (52) and PE (31), were charged under Article 197 and Article 106 Paragraph (1) of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia. No. 36 Th. 2009 concerning Health and / or Article 62 paragraph (1) JO. Article 8 of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia. No. 8 of 1999 on Consumer Protection.

    "In addition to seizing evidence of various cosmetic raw materials, officers are still pursuing the perpetrators of packaging suppliers," he concluded

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