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    West Java Election, Scout Stays Neutral


    BANDUNG, - Daily Chief of Kwarda Jabar, Baim Setiawan affirmed that as stated in the Law of Scout Movement Number 12 of 2010 Article 20 Paragraph (1) and Articles of Association of Scout Movement Article 6 Paragraph (2) and Bylaws of Scout Movement Article 7 Paragraph (6) that Scouts are not political organizations but non-formal education organizations, character education not involved in any political contestation activities.

    "We are not a political organization and have never been involved in practical politics including in Jabar elections, Pamuka remain neutral," Baim told reporters in Bandung on Tuesday (20/2/2018)

    With regard to the circulation of a video in social media that is Youtube and Facebook about the simulation procedure of voting card for the election of West Java Governor who mencatut Kwarda Scout logo Jabar. Baim expressed no responsibility for the video because Kwarda never created and distributed the video.

    "Of course it is beyond our knowledge and for the perpetrators are asked to apologize in private," Baim insisted

    He revealed that Kwarda Jabar will be committed to maintain neutrality and support the implementation of elections that are honest, fair, safe, peaceful.

    Therefore, continued Baim, it warned the party who produced the video and spread it to stop its deeds.

    "In order to maintain the neutrality of the Scout Movement, Kwarda reminds all parties not to withdraw the Scout Movement in the arena of elections and any political contestation, therefore Kwarda requested that all parties no longer memviralkan video by removing it and stop the circulation," said Baim

    It is said, if the video is still outstanding and appears other videos that include the logo of West Java Scouts without permission, then Kwarda asked the authorities to immediately follow up according to the rules and regulations in force.

    "If it is still circulating the video, it will be the authorities who will at least," he concluded

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