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    West Java Scout Still Search Election Video Distributors


    BANDUNG, - Regional Kwartir (Kwarda) West Java Boy Scout Movement is still reviewing and tracing who actually uploaded the first videocara videocara simulation of voting card for the election of Governor of West Java who mencatut Kwarda Jabar logo on social media namely Youtube and Facebook.

    Daily Chairman Kwarda Jabar, Baim Setiawan admitted until now it continues to investigate what motifs to enter Kwarda logo into the video.

    "We ask to immediately apologize openly to the media, because this video has been circulating in social media," said Baim told a wartawn in Bandung on Tuesday (20/2/2018)

    On the same occasion, Vice Chairman of Kominfo Kwarda Jabar, Lucky explained Kwarda logo itself is in the upper right corner of the video. Contains invitation to vote on June 27, 2018. But in the middle of the video there is a voting procedure to one of the paslon. In addition to WhatsApp, the video has also been spread on YouTube and Facebook

    "After we were analysts, we concluded the Kwarda logo video into a design entity, so we traced the WhatsApp group to be a bit tricky, we see it on Facebook and YouTube," Lucky explained,

    Lucky said, for the identity of the uploader on facebook has been known. But he himself claimed to get the video from other people just upload it. "It was known and contacted, the perpetrator admitted but did not know it was the Kwarda logo, and he was sorry personally but not yet open.
    We ask for immediate clarification, "he concluded

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